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Career Counseling    

“How far has my career taken me? Where can I go from here?” – Two reasonable questions in an increasingly complex work environment – and ones that I’m able to help you find the answers.

My approach focusses not just on finding new employment, but also covers ‘position reckoning’ and ‘reflection’.

If you have reached a crossroads in your professional career and unsure in what direction to go, then you belong in my target group for career counseling.

This target group includes executive staff, senior and middle management, as well as young professionals, who are all active in Japan.

My expertise covers a number of industries, including Automotive, Chemical, Consumer Goods, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical, and Manufacturing. 

The service portfolio can be customized to the client’s requirements and level of difficulty, and range in length from hourly to multi-day sessions.

The service portfolio consists of:

  • Application Counseling
    Job application check – compilation and optimization of application documents, interview training, and so forth
  • Individual Career Counseling
    ‘Position reckoning’ – a precise assessment of where you now stand in your career, and its present advantages and disadvantages.
    ‘Reflection’ – a detailed analysis of your career development potential, career planning, and related subjects.      

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career counseling

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